What is a Keto Diet?​

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The keto diet was originally designed by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Medical Center working on ways to help patients with epilepsy.

They found that intermittent fasting helped to reduce seizures in patients, and it also helped them to lower their hunger levels, blood sugar, cholesterol, and body fat. 

Since long-term fasting is not feasible for more than a few days, they developed the keto diet that can mimic the benefits of fasting.

By strictly limiting glucose from carbohydrate foods, the keto diet tricks your body to think that it’s fasting. At the heart of it, the keto diet works by restricting the intake of all sugars and carbohydrates and focusing on fat as a source of fuel by encouraging a 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% carbohydrate diet plan. 

What does it take to be successful while following the Ketogenic Diet?

1. A willingness to change - Cutting out most carbs (other than fiber-rich vegetables) is a significant dietary change. You need to be willing to give up some foods you are used to eating regularly.

2. A road map - Your new cookbook provides you with many delicious keto-friendly recipes that will satisfy your tastebuds. Be ready to prepare some new meals that fit your new keto diet.

3. A clear destination - It's helpful to set a goal of following the keto diet for a specific number of days or until you lose a specific number of pounds. Will you "go keto" for 14 days, 30 days, or longer? Or will you "go keto" until you lose 10lbs, 15lbs, or more? Set this intention, write it down, and stick to your plan.

Like any new eating regimen, some days will be harder than others. You may feel hungry between meals. And you may "slip up" once or twice.

That's okay. The best thing to do is forgive yourself, remind yourself of your destination, and get back on track.

Once your body adapts to your new ketogenic diet, you'll find that your "carb cravings" disappear. You won't desire the sugary sweets you used to eat.

Even better, your body will be in ketosis, you'll be burning fat for fuel, and you'll be watching the number on your scale go down.

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