Mediterranean Diet Shopping List


The Mediterranean lifestyle focuses on the use of fresh veggies for weight control and overall good health. Seek to eat more of fresh fruits than frozen ones.

Must Haves

· Garlic

· Onions/Spying Onions Leafy Greens Tomatoes (fresh, canned, sauce...)


· Asparagus

· Artichokes

· Beets

· Bell Peppers

· Broccoli

· Cabbage

· Carrots

· Eggplant

· Green Beans Mushrooms

· Olives

· Peas

· Squash (including zucchini)


Among other benefits, grains are a good source of fiber, vitamin Bs, and minerals. As much as possible, use whole-grain products, which are said to help with weight management and reduce the risk of heart disease.

· Barley

· Bread (e.g. whole grain wheat Loaf, Pita) Bulgur

· Couscous

· Oatmeal

· Polenta

· Quinoa


Fish. especially white fish is a good source of lean protein. Oily fish like salmon provide a great deal of Omega-3s. Eating the Mediterranean way allows you to incorporate fish and seafood at least twice a week (consult your physician). Eat lean meats from poultry in moderation, and red meat only on occasion.

· White fish of all kinds

· Salmon and other fatty fish

· Shell fish such as crab, shrimp, lobster...

· Poultry

· Meat (lamb, lean beef, pork)


Fruits are a good source of energy and helpful to weight control.

· Apples

· Apricots

· Avocados

· Bananas

· Berries

· Cherries

· Dates

· Figs

· Grapes

· Lemons (used regularly)

· Melon

· Oranges

· Peaches

· Plums


Nuts and seeds are used in cooking and also as snacks, They are Full of protein, fiber

and healthy fats,

· Almonds,

· Cashews

· Flaxseed

· Peanuts

· Pine nuts

· Pumpkin Seeds

· Sunflower Seeds

· Walnuts


Quality extra virgin olive oil is the main fat used in Mediterranean cooking.

· Avocado oil

· Grape seed oil

· Ghee (clarified butter, not very often)

· Canola oil (not very often)


Beans are used regularly in eating the Mediterranean way. They are budget-friendly, and a good source of fiber and protein

· Black Beans

· Chickpeas (Garbanzo) Hummus

· Kidney Beans

· Lentils

· Pinto Beans

· White Beans


In the Mediterranean lifestyle, dairy, including a variety of cheeses, are enjoyed in moderation. As much as possible, choose traditional "real" cheese and avoid highly processed cheeses. °Cheese (including burrata, fern, mozzarella. Parmigiano, Reggiano...)

· Low-Fat Milk

Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Eggs (preferably organic, free-range)0


Perhaps the most exciting part about eating the Mediterranean way is the generous use of fresh herbs and quality spices, which add bold and exciting flavor without the use of excessive salt nor adding extra fat,

· Basil

· Bay Leaves

· Cilantro

· Mint

· Parsley

· Oregano


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