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Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Preparation can make all the difference! To become a winner in this diet, it is necessary to lay a foundation before you take off.

Have you ever been on a trip ? ever? Well you know that to get the most out of your trip, you research where you want to go, the food you will eat, how much it will cost you etc. You plan what you need to bring, shop, pack, organize.

Yeah, same with the Keto diet. Before you dive in, there's some essential preparation to be done to successfully kick start your journey. Going to Keto works best with a plan. its a whole new territory for some people. One in which you will need to understand the process, get rid of inappropriate foods and adopt an optimistic mindset. Here are a few things to consider.

Quick withdrawal or Gradual?

How do you want to approach the keto diet? Do you want to ease in or jump right to it? What ever choice you make, you must understand that no two people are the same. Depends on what drives you to the keto diet. If you want quick results, you will need to slash carbs drastically down to 20grams per day. This sudden change usually triggers what we call the Keto Flu- unpleasant symptoms, which disappears after over time.

Its possible to take it gradual and work your way towards ketosis, usually by limiting your carbs to 100grams per day.

Clean out , throw Out.

Get rid of non keto foods. Pastries, sugary foods, refined carbs etc. Fact is, you will eat what you have in your kitchen. Why not get rid of them so they don't become an option? You want to give these non keto food to your neighbors or donate them your local charity.

Get rid of the following:

Fruits: High carb fruits: Banana, dates, grapes, apples, mangoes, and dried fruits

Grains and Starches: Cereal, pasta, rice, quinoa, potatoes, corn, oats, bread, wraps, rolls, carb snack (popcorn), chips.

Sugary Foods and Drinks: Refined Sugar, soda, fruit juices, milk, desserts, pastries, milk chocolate, candy, cookies ice cream.

Legumes; Beans, lentils, peas

Processed and polyunsaturated fats and oils: vegetable oils, most seed oils like, sunflower oil, canola, soybean oil, shortening, margarine.

Get Friends and Family Onboard

Social support is helpful in reaching your goals. If you are able to convince family members to join you, that's fine, if not, let them know your commitment, this way, they will be more understanding when you choose better food options at gatherings or at home.

Adopt a positive mindset

Be kind to your self and visualize the new you! Remember you are not just going to lose weight, you are making better health choices, and moving towards a better lifestyle.

At this point I will encourage you to take before and after picture because you will surely see a difference in days to come

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